Seeking Relief From TMJ Pain? Call st Texas Medical Massage for TMJ Treatments

Add TMJ release to your wellness routine in Lubbock, TX

If you suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder, you understand how intense the pain can get. Alleviate stiffness in your head, neck, shoulders and jaw with TMJ release. A massage therapist at West Texas Medical Massage will use massage techniques designed to decrease tension and improve range of motion.

Incorporate TMJ release in your recovery plan. Call now to schedule your appointment in Lubbock, TX or the surrounding area.

Unbelievable benefits of TMJ release

TMJ release works specifically with the thoracic area of the body. This includes the neck, jaw, head, neck and lung area. Check out a few of the most popular benefits below:

  • Latching becomes easier for infants
  • Tension in the upper body is eased
  • Eating becomes less painful
  • Your quality of life is improved

Don't live with chronic pain. Find a solution to your troubles with TMJ release. Reach out to our massage therapist right away to schedule your appointment in Lubbock, TX.