Supplement Your Recovery With Medical Massage Therapy

Supplement Your Recovery With Medical Massage Therapy

Learn about effective pain management treatment in Lubbock, TX by calling West Texas Medical Massage

Medical massage therapy is an excellent aid to your health and wellness routine. West Texas Medical Massage offers this form of therapy for individuals of all ages, including babies and senior citizens.

Discuss your concerns with our licensed medical massage therapist, and she'll develop a treatment plan designed to alleviate pain in your target areas. For more information, please call 806-292-9583.

Providing individualized treatment options for clients of all ages

Babies and senior citizens require special attention, as their bones may be more fragile. Because of this, she'll adjust her techniques to match their needs. For example, your medical massage therapist will use a light tapping technique on babies and small children to encourage drainage. For senior citizens, she'll apply low pressure while gently stretching their limbs to stimulate movement.

Whether you have a prescription for medical massage therapy or not, you can find relief at our office in Lubbock, TX. Schedule your appointment today.