Trust the Process, Not Just a Pill

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Whether you're dealing with stress or recovering from a serious illness, you need a solid health and wellness plan designed to enhance your recovery. Instead of relying solely on prescribed medication, incorporate medical massage therapy in your routine.

West Texas Medical Massage is home to a licensed and trained massage therapist based in Lubbock, TX who is eager to help you improve your quality of life. She offers services like lymphatic drainage massage, TMJ release, cupping and Swedish massage therapy.

Prior to your medical massage, we'll have you complete a medical intake form that outlines past surgeries, medical history and current medication. Call today for further information.

Medical Massage Therapy

Providing medical massage therapy for personal injury, back pain and more.

Advanced Lymphatic Drainage

Remove toxins from the body with a lymphatic drainage massage.

TMJ Release

See how TMJ release resolves your battle with chronic thoracic pain.

Swedish Massage, Cupping & Hot Stone Massage

Fight the effects of stress with a Swedish massage.

See Improvements After One Medical Massage Session

Speak with a licensed massage therapist regarding your treatment plan

You're in good hands with our licensed massage therapist

Our massage therapist holds several certifications and has taken training courses to become licensed in Lubbock, TX. You can trust her with your medical massage because she will:

  1. Target your problem areas
  2. Create a maintenance plan
  3. Accept clients without a prescription

Improve your range of motion through a relaxing medical massage. To learn more about how our massage therapist can help you, call 806-292-9583.